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Starting a new business is daunting, but it's not rocket science. StartPad is for anyone with a business idea, showing you how go from launchpad to liftoff.

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So, you want to start a new business?

Join the StartPad programme to help take your business idea from launchpad to liftoff.

Using a tried-and-tested blueprint, StartPad helps you to navigate the often confusing process of starting a new business.

Our free programme is designed to teach you how to get to launch in the most direct, cost-effective and successful way, saving your progress at all stages so you always know what you have to do next.

By making your way through our series of modules, lessons and tasks, you'll also be creating your Business Plan, Cashflow Forecast and even your stationery, which can be downloaded at any time, ready for printing.

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The StartPad Process

StartPad will guide you through the process of starting your business, from initial research through to launch day.

Follow our simple set of tasks to build your business plan and get your business in great shape to launch.

How StartPad Works: 5 Easy Steps

The complete programme for getting your idea to launch.

Step One - Registration

Create a free account

To enable you to track your progress through the StartPad programme you'll need to create a new account. Only your name, email address and a password is required to create your free account.

We'll send confirmation through to your email address along with a brief introduction and beginners guide to using StartPad to take your business idea from launchpad to liftoff.

Step Two - Basic Information

Set your options

You can customise StartPad so that you are presented with information that is relevant to your business.

Tell us what your proposed business is, which part of the UK you intend to trade (useful so we can give you market research for your area), some basic information about your business, and which programme you want. You can either take the 'Express' programme or the 'Advanced' programme, depending on what's right for your business.

This information will also form the basics of your Business Plan.

Step Three - StartPad Lessons

Progress through the programme

Think of StartPad as a book, or course. You'll be presented with a series of 'modules' (e.g. discovery, research, finance, marketing etc.) for you to progress through.

Each module contains a set of lessons, tasks and the occasional question about what you have learned. Your answers to these questions will form your Business Plan, which you can download, amend or print at any time.

StartPad teaches you everything there is to know about starting a new business, and gives you all the tools and resources to ensure that you get your business ready to launch.

Step Four - Launch your Business

Launch your business

By the end of the programme you'll be in a great position to launch your new business, with the knowledge that you've done everything required to begin trading.

You'll have researched your target market, put together your business plan, put together your cashflow forecast, printed your business cards, letterheads and essential documents, and will have registered with the authorities.

You will be in great shape to launch your business to the world.

Step Five - Learn, grow, profit

Learn - grow - profit

Once your business is launched it doesn't mean we can't help you any further. We'll continue to help and advise you to ensure that you're on course for business success.

Stick with us and we will also help you to promote your business to our community of followers, meaning you'll get more exposure, customers, and of course the most important thing - more profit.

All this... for free? Absolutely.

More details

Why use StartPad?

If you're thinking of starting a new business there are plenty of reasons:

Tried and tested formula

Tried and tested formula

The StartPad programme is the proper way to start a business.

How do we know it works? Well, we tested the StartPad programme by using StartPad itself as the guinea pig. And we were left with a fabulous business plan that really ticks all the boxes.

However, if you're looking for a get-rich-quick scheme, this isn't for you. We do things properly.

Navigating the startup maze

Navigate the start-up maze

When starting a new business things can get a bit confusing, which puts many people off trying.

Forget about browsing hundreds of websites that only focus on one individual part of starting up - we've put everything you need into one easy-to-use programme to save you time and lots of wasted effort.

StartPad is Free!

It's completely free

Yep, that's right. We don't charge a single penny for using StartPad to help you to launch your business.

We've created StartPad to be accessible to everyone, so you don't need any cash to get started.

If you make a million then feel free to buy us a drink!

Build your business plan

Build your business plan

You'll barely notice it, but as you're making your way through StartPad, you'll also be building your business plan, which you can download, print and distribute at any time.

You can edit your Business Plan at any time, so if you change direction, it's easy to amend at the click of a button.

Business Cards

Business document creation

How cool is this? We'll generate all your business documents and forms, like your business cards, invoices, letterheads and compliment slips.

They'll be pre-populated with your business logo and contact details, so all you have to do is to download them and print them. How's that for saving time?

Cashflow Forecast generator

Cashflow Forecast creation

With StartPad, you don't need to be a financial genius to create your first Cashflow Forecast. We make things extra easy.

Just fill in some fields that ask what sort of sales you think you'll be making in the early months, as well as any potential outgoings, and StartPad will create it automatically.

Ready to sprint towards business success?

Join the millions of people in Britain taking control of their own future

It doesn't matter who you are, how much money is in your bank account, or what education you have, anyone with a desire to run their own business can do so, if they know how - and where - to start.

If you're reading this, chances are that person could be YOU. StartPad will show you the way to turn that vision into a reality.

Chris Haycock
Co-Founder, StartPad

Startup Man
There is a StartUp revolution underway in the UK with over half a million new companies formed every year and tens of thousands of self-employed sole traders & freelancers launching entrepreneurial ventures.

This is the finest country in the world to start a business and small, owner operated businesses are providing the road to prosperity for Great Britain.

Fay Easton
Co-Founder, StartPad