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Britain's future business leaders need YOU.

New business owners and entrepreneurs are desperate for your advice.

Britain Needs Your Advice

For the first time ever, the UK is ahead of the USA for the number of start-ups per head of population.

The UK is the best country in the world to start a business, according to The Legatum Institue, with micro enterprise and solo-entrepreneurs being the backbone of business growth.

British people have the talent, passion and desire for success, but a significant amount of potential entrepreneurs abandon their dream, because they don't have a full understanding of the start-up process.

That's where you (and StartPad) come in. StartPad is a new platform that aims to tackle this problem, helping people to turn their idea into reality.

Entrepreneurs need your advice

We're asking you to share your tips and advice on starting/running a business to help Britain's future entrepreneurs. You may be an expert in the field of marketing, finance, funding or mentorship. Or you might have found an easy way of overcoming a challenge. Whatever you know, your advice can make all the difference for our future business owner.

In return for helping our users, you and your business gain valuable publicity from our unique platform for startups, meaning it's a win-win situation. You get the additional exposure, and Britain's future entrepreneurs benefit from your advice.

What do I do to help?

Just fill in the fields opposite to submit your 'expert tip'. When we publish your advice we'll make sure we credit you and your company (if you want), so we can promote you as a 'thank you'.

Thanks for your contribution - your advice will make a huge difference to many people.

What is StartPad?

Our goal is simple - to guide and inspire more people to turn their business idea into a reality, by providing the tools and help they need to get to the 'launch' phase. We're aiming to launch in April 2015 with the backing of businesses across the UK, including yourself.

Our new service - StartPad - is a platform designed to tackle the problem that so often shatters dreams - lack of good planning and business knowledge.

StartPad guides new business owners through the start-up process, helping them to:

  • Refine & test their business idea
  • Write their business plan
  • Register with the authorities
  • Develop their marketing plan
  • Find help and support
  • Locate sources of funding
  • Get them ready for their big launch
  • Watch video advice
  • Create & store business documents
  • Get discounts

Sadly, the majority of all 'ideas' will fail at the first hurdle, often because the person behind the idea is not completely prepared or knowledgeable enough in one of more crucial areas of their future business. We see it as our job to give them the skills and ability to take their idea from the back of a napkin right the way through to launch - and beyond.

The Startup Process

Our platform is designed so that the process of enlightenment, planning and learning is a fun 'journey', rather than a complex process.

We believe that many of our future business leaders are turned off because they believe that the process of building a startup is unnecessarily complicated. To the uninitiated, this is true.

By consolidating good business advice into a single, easy-to-use platform, new business owners can follow the StartPad process, taking them through all the necessary steps to turn their idea into reality.

We do, however, believe in doing things properly. We don't advocate our users taking shortcuts, and our steps are designed to validate and hypothesise our users' ideas, so that they get to market with a viable business idea, rather than a product or service that has no future.

Please help us to help others achieve their goals by considering offering some of your business expertise to help others.

Thank you so much.

Fay Easton

Chris Haycock

Share your expertise

We're extremely grateful for any advice or tips that you are willing to share with Britain's next business owners.

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Who's behind StartPad?

Fay Easton, Co-Founder

Fay Easton

Fay began her entrepreneurial career in leafy Shropshire, launching and trading owner-operated restaurants in Telford, Ironbridge, Newport and Shrewsbury.

In 2001 she became Town Centre Manager for Shrewsbury, moving on in 2005 to become Projects Director with Shropshire Enterprise Partnership.

Fay is one of twelve Enterprise Champions that represent the startup community at Enterprise Nation.

Chris Haycock, Co-Founder

Chris Haycock

After a short, 5-year career in the Royal Navy, Chris spent several years in hotel and restaurant management, before acknowledging that business was his real passion.

Before moving into self-employment, he spent time working as Online Marketing Manager with dynamic dot-com companies, gaining valuable knowledge of the then blossoming world wide web.